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Fans of the Great Outdoors, there is perhaps no better place than El Dorado County.  The County holds a myriad of recreational options, including mountain biking, hiking, camping, kayaking, rafting, hunting, and fishing. 


El Dorado County maintains many parks throughout the county, offering additional recreational opportunities including rafting, hiking and picnicing - contact the Parks and Recreation Department for further information:


Union Valley Reservoir, Ice House Reservoir, and Loon Lake are prime spots for trout fishing.  The majority of Lake Tahoe is in El Dorado County and is home to mackinaw, brown and rainbow trout.  Most of the best flyfishing streams are in the high mountains, although some people try their luck on the South Fork of the American River and the Consumnes River. 


El Dorado County is home to thousands of acres of pristine woodlands with 'The Eldoardo National Forest' and 'Tahoe National Forest' making up more than 50% of the County.  This nature begs to be explored by hikers, backpackers, and campers. A popular area is the Desolation Wilderness Area; those who have found this gem, say that it rivals Yosemite National Park, only without the people and commercialism.  For more information about Eldorado National Forest, contact 


The North Fork of the American River serves as the northern boundary of El Dorado County, and offers advanced kayakers a supreme challenge.  The South Fork of the American River offers excellent rafting from Chili Bar down to Salmon Falls bridge near Folsom Lake, a run of approximately 20 miles.  This stretch is classified as a Class 3 river.  On a scale of difficulty, Class 1 is your bathtub and Class 6 is suicide. There are several Class 6 rapids on both forks, and the majority of the north fork run is a Class 4 or 5. 


Mountain biking has exploded in popularity and El Dorado County has responded.  The most popular trail is between Folsom Lake and Salmon Falls bridge. There is an 8.5 mile trail in Sly park in Pollock Pines, which runs along Jenkinson Lake.  And farther up the mountain is Huckleberry Hill. One of the most beautiful trails, for mountain biking is the Olmstead Loop in Cool.  This trail is a 10 mile circle that offers challenging cliffs and exhilarating downhill vistas.

Specific Campgrounds:

Big Meadows
Black Oak Group Campground
Dru Barner Park
Hell Hole
Upper Hell Hole
Middle Meadows Group Camprground
Stumpy Meadows

Contact: Georgetown Ranger District (530) 333-4312

Capps Crossing
China Flat
Sand Flat
Silver Fork

Contact: Placerville Ranger District 
(530) 644-6048
Airport Flat, Fashoda Tent, Gerle Creek
Ice House, Jones Fork
Loon Lake, Loon Lake Ramp
Loon Lake Equestrian
Loon Lake Group Campground #1 & #2
Northshore RV, Northwind
Pleasant, Red Fir Group Campground
Silver Creek, South Fork
Strawberry Point
Sunset, Wench Creek
Wench Creek Group Campground
Wentworth Springs, Wolf Creek
Wrights Lake, Wrights Lake Equestrian
Contact: Pacific Ranger District 
(530) 644-6048


Hiking Trails
Monument Loop Trail - 1.5 miles  Bryan Meadows - 3 miles 
Sly Park Shoreline Trail - 8 miles  Sayles Canyon - 4.5 miles  
Liberty Trail - 1.5 miles  Pacific Crest Trail - 13 miles 
Miwok Trail - .5 miles  Little Round Top - 2.5 miles  
Cascade Creek Fall Trail - 1 mile  Cody Lake - .5 miles 
Crystal Basin Pack - 6 miles  Lovers Leap - 2.5 miles 
Indian Grinding Rock - .5 miles  Mount Ralston - 3 miles 
Rubicon Trail - 10 miles  Buck Pasture - 3 miles 
Bayview Trail - 8 miles  Caples Creek - 4 miles 
Eagle Falls - 8 miles  Silver Fork Lake - 3 miles 
Clark Trail - 1.6 miles  Old Dilver Lake - 1.5 miles 
Mountain Tallac Trail - 5 miles  Government Meadows - .5 miles  
Mar Det Trail - 4.2 miles  Nevada Point Trail - 4.6 miles 
Hunter Trail - 10 miles  Otter Creek Trail - 1.5 miles  
One Eye Creek Trail - 2.6 miles  Bear Flat Oak Trail - 200 feet 
Hell Hole Trail - 4.3 miles  Sugarloaf Trail - 1 mile 
Lawyer Trail - .8 miles  Kelliher Trail - 2 miles 
Martin Trail - 1.1 miles  Bald Mountain - 1.6 miles 


Picnic Areas
Bear Creek - 3,200'  Lake Walton - 3,200' 
Stumpy Meadows - 4,262'  Angel Creek - 5,300'  
Cleveland Corral - 3,980'  Gerle Creek - 4,900' 
Ice House - 5,500'  Loon Lake - 6,500'  
Wrights Lake - 6,941'  Bridal Veil - 3,200' 
China Flat - 4,800'  Eagle Rock - 4,400' 
Indian Springs - 3,900'  42-mile - 5,700'