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“Measure J” funds vital community services through hotel, motel and vacation home rental taxes paid by visitors who stay overnight in El Dorado County.

We respectfully request your support of Measure J to help pay for needed community services, including many used by visitors but not otherwise paid by them.

Measure J will increase Hotel Motel Tax (a tourist occupancy tax on hotel, motel and vacation home rental stays of less than 30 days) from 10% to 12%. Measure J WILL NOT tax residents of El Dorado County, unless they stay overnight in these tourist accommodations.

El Dorado County’s TOT is lower than that of many other California tourist destinations, including: San Francisco, 14%; Los Angeles,14% ; Napa, 12%; Sonoma County, 12%; Palm Springs, 12.5%; Sacramento, 12%; Santa Barbara, 12% and South Lake Tahoe, 12%.

Please support this measure because:

  • El Dorado County residents will get the benefit of community services being funded partially by visitors to our county;
  • Funds generated by an increased rate will underwrite county facilities and services, including: road maintenance, police and fire services, health services, county parks and recreation, and many others used by county residents and tourists;
  • TOT is the primary source of funding for grants to groups helping our county’s veterans. If approved, Measure J would increase financial aid to local veterans; and
  • Measure J will benefit all of us, encourage economic vitality and sustain leisure services by promoting El Dorado County’s wineries, farm trails, river rafting, ski areas, county parks, recreation areas, OHV trails, hiking and bike trails, lodging, shops, restaurants, lakes, marinas, streams, campgrounds and historic sites.
That is why a broad coalition of civic, community, tourism and recreation leaders endorse Measure J. Please vote YES on Measure J. TOURISM PAYS

Paid for and supported by the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee. #1341257