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Chamber PAC Gives Businesses Voice in Local Politics

The El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) announces the formation of a political action committee to give the business community a clearer voice in the local political process.


While the Chamber has a long tradition of weighing in on federal, state, and local government proposals that impact county businesses, the El Dorado County Chamber Political Action Committee (EDC Chamber PAC) will, for the first time, enable the business community to participate in local elections with a united voice.


The Chamber’s 2011 President, Bill Randall, praised the creation of the EDC Chamber PAC.  “The Chamber has always been assertive by taking positions on public policy proposals that impact our businesses and our county’s overall quality of life.  Now, the EDC Chamber PAC allows us to take the next step by dedicating support and financial resources to the local candidates and initiatives that best reflect our members’ priorities.”


The PAC’s Board of Directors consists of representatives of businesses small and large from various industries who are appointed by the Chamber’s Board of Directors.  Its members are Chairman Kirk Bone, Secretary Mark Luster, Treasurer Gordon Helm, Mike Kobus, Kimberly Beal, Brian Jensen, and Laurel Brent-Bumb.


Your support the EDC Chamber PAC’s effort to work on your behalf will be an important part of its success. 


Interested in supporting the efforts of the El Dorado County Chamber Political Action Committee?  Contributions can be made to EDC Chamber PAC, PO Box 929, Placerville, CA 95667.  FPPC # 1341257. For more information call (530) 621-5885.

Board of Directors