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Human Resources

Free Human Resource Consultation by Premier HR

Premier HRPremier HR is offering FREE consultation to the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce membership.

  1. Policies and practices, procedures, that are in compliance with current labor law for hiring, record-keeping, evaluating, paying, insuring, and terminating employees;
  2. Best practices for hiring, motivating, and retaining high performing employees;
  3. Referral to local, reasonable, high quality resources for legal counsel, payroll systems, as well as retirement, health, life, disability, and worker’s compensation insurance.

Premier HR is committed to ensuring that questions are responded to within 24 hours, providing us with sufficient time to research and ensure a high quality response to each inquiry. Premier HR are members of Cal Chamber, Society for Human Resource Management, Northern California HR Association (NCHRA), and Sacramento Area HR Association (SAHRA). 

Jennifer Green is a certified Senior Professional HR (SPHR), Master Talent Strategist-HR, HCI and an ongoing subscriber to information resources on legal compliance and effective Human Resource management.

Contact Jennifer Green at:
Cell (650) 823-7775
Office (916) 248-5222